What Is Social Media? – Episode 1

on 11/2014 |

The Social Media Show launches it’s new season debut with a new show format. In Episode 1 “What Is Social Media?”, co-hosts Asia Jade and Vegas Wayne discuss what Social Media is to them and how it has evolved over the recent years. But the conversation just doesn’t stay between these two, Asia and Wayne hit the streets to hear what they people have to say about Social Media in the “Joe and Jane Blow” segment.

Next, the show brings on a Social Media expert showcasing Social Media Manager of the popular Las Vegas site Vegas.com Ryan Shewchuk. Ryan gives an insight to how he and his team at Vegas.com use Social Media to interact with people online and give value to their customers.

The episode concludes with another new segment of the show titled “Nun’ya Business” inspired by the popular Kermit The Frog Memes from Social Media using the phrase “But That’s None Of My Business.” Will Edwards from The Will Edwards Show tells viewers something that’s really none of his business on Social Media.

Today’s episode is 1 of 6 to be released. In addition to the episodes, The Social Media Show will be coming out with several interviews showcasing people in a variety of industries who are using Social Media.

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