Social Media For Social Good – (TSMS Episode 5)

on 12/2014 |

The Social Media Show’s season continues with Episode 5 “Social Media For Social Good” focusing on the positive things Social Media has done for humanity. Hosts Asia Jade and Vegas Wayne start the episode by giving their take on how they have seen Social Media improve society. Wayne discusses his experience with “St. Baldricks” and how Social Media helped him get the word out to reach his goal. Jade adds to the conversation by bringing up the infamous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which helped raise millions for ALS.

The segment then transitions over to “Joe and Jane Blow” where the show hits the streets to find out what the people think on this very topic. One individual who stood out was “The Big Selfie” which is a life size Instagram cutout used to help aspiring college students raise money for school.

The feature interview presents Marshall Wayne who is the individual behind “Homeless In Hollywood” which helps bring awareness to the homeless population in the Hollywood Hills. Marshall says it all started by taking one photograph and putting it on Facebook which spurred the rapid growth of the movement.

Miss Nevada United States 2014 Lisa Song Sutton appears in the “Nun’ya Business” segment of the show. Lisa says she is not fond of those who post graphic medical pictures such as foot ailments online for all to see.

The episode concludes with a discussion between Asia and Wayne on the greatness Social Media has been able to give back to our society. Asia also mentions the hit brant “Hit Record” which started as a crowd funding campaign and has evolved into something large.

Be sure to stay tuned for our season finale coming soon!



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