Social Media and Nightlife – David Schnitzer

on 01/2015 |

The Social Media Show recently caught up with Nightlife Expert David Schnitzer to get his take on how Social Media affects the Nightlife Industry. Schnitzer, is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Encore Beach Club, Surrender Night Club and Andreas restaurant located at The Wynn.

David says Social Media is “gigantic” in the night life world. He says it goes hand in hand with customer service which is huge in an industry where your business revolves making sure your clientele and customers are happy. He says a lot of people are afraid to voice their opinions face to face but will be very quick to let their opinion be heard on the Social Media channels. David says this is very beneficial because whether the situation is a good one or bad one, they are aware of it and can act appropriately moving forward.

Schnitzer has been in the Nightlife industry for seven years and says Social Media will most definitely play a big role in the future. People will continue to trust reviews they read online and will refer to others people who have taken great care of them.

David also went into how Social Media has been abused by the nightlife industry. Whenever you are hash tagging “Vegas” “Nightlife” and “Club” hosts and other marketing companies have a tendency to post their phone number and info which in turn spams your account which can be annoying.

When David first moved to Las Vegas, he says their may have been around 5-10 nightclubs. Now there are 30-40 nightclubs in the city making the industry over saturated and very competitive. However, this can be an advantage to someone in the industry who is active on Social Media and treats their customers right because they will stand out above the rest.

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