Social Media and Equal Rights

on 09/2014 |

It’s no question Social Media has played a pivotal role in changing the world around us. From our day to day communication to how we do business in the marketplace, Social Media has presented a platform for us to have more freedom, voice our opinions and be heard. One area from a humanitarian point of view Social Media has helped aid in is the fight for equal rights.¬† People are now able to tell and share their own individual stories to the world like never before. It has improved the ability to mobilize equal rights groups and help make campaigns go viral.

unnamedOur very own Wayne “Vegas Wayne” Alexander recently took to the streets of Downtown Las Vegas PRIDE parade to get the scoop from the people how they feel Social Media has assisted in the fight for equal rights. It was a night¬† filled with dancing, music and equal rights activists and supporters coming together for celebration. Many who were interviewed said Social Media has most certainly helped create impact by helping bring those with similar beliefs together in events such as the PRIDE parade. Some hash tags that were being used throughout the Social Media networks included #Equality, #PrideLV and #HappyGayPride.


Now we want to hear from YOU! Do you think Social Media has played a significant role in the equal rights movement? Leave your comments below!

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