Social Media and Dating – (TSMS Ep. 3)

on 12/2014 |

The Social Media Show continues it’s season with Episode 3, “Social Media and Dating” hosted by Asia Jade and Vegas Wayne. After an appearance in the intro from David Schnitzer, Asia and Wayne discuss the evolution of online dating and how it’s progressed to not only dating sites, but social media platforms as well. What was once considered “Taboo” or only meant for an older crowd, is now being experienced by many in their late teens, 20’s and 30’s.

After the host’s discussion, the show moves to it’s “Joe and Jane Blow” segment where Asia and Wayne find out what the people have to say about online dating. The reactions are mixed ranging anywhere to scary dating stories to marriage.

Communication specialist Nina Tomaro is the episode’s feature interview. Nina breaks down social media and dating from not only a communication perspective but also from her personal experiences. Nina says she has witnessed great relationships stem from social media and dating but to also remember people may not be who they appear to be from behind the computer. She thinks the industry will continue to evolve but will never overtake the authenticity of face to face interpersonal communication.

Music artist Joseph “Anuda” Bryant appears in the “Nun’ya Business” segment to talk about the concept of “Ghost Boyfriends” to round out the episode.

Be sure to stay tuned for more episodes coming soon to The Social Media Show!


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