Linked In – More Than Just Networking: Learn How A Serial Entrepreneur Leveled Up Her Marketing Company

on 01/2018 |

By Mimi Esby

In this episode, Jimena Cortes describes how her marketing company, Wizard Media LLC, got its start on Linked In. After quitting her marketing job in 2008 to branch out on her own, Jimena found her new business floundering with only 1 client to show after 6 months of hard work. The marketing skills she had developed, such as search engine optimization, were not as effective in attracting clients as she had hoped.

So she turned to the ever popular Linked In, the premier professional social network with over 500 million members in 200 countries. At first, she signed up to find a new marketing job, but then she realized Linked In was a hotbed for her target audience of doctors, lawyers, and other high end industry professionals. Using the professional networking platform, she began reaching out to her ideal clients. She offered them appointment-setting services to find more of their clients, again using Linked In.

Soon enough, she landed a call with an attorney and from there, her business took off! She leveraged Linked In two ways: first to find her own clients, then again to discover new opportunities for her own clients. Jimena now runs a marketing company with a team of 7 and attracts big name clients like Baxter, a billion dollar medical company. She made this connection by meeting one of the vice presidents through Linked In. Learn more about Jimena’s marketing business here Jimena Cortes 

Interested in becoming a Linked In expert like Jimena? Tune in next week for part 2 of her Interview The Best Way To Use LinkedIn

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