How Social Media Managers Use Social Media – Ryan Shewchuk

on 12/2014 |

The Social Media Show recently caught up with Ryan Shewchuk, the Social Media Manager of the popular Las Vegas travel site to talk about how they use Social Media. He says a lot of their marketing efforts go toward paid search and email marketing, but Social Media still plays a big role. Ryan says although it plays a complimentary role, it is on one of the best ways to get their voice out to the consumer.

One way has differentiated themselves on Social Media is by having “Twitter Chats.” They do this by gathering partners of theirs and creating live chats using. During the discussions “Vegas Experts” share tips and information about Vegas and also have a chance to promote their own brand in the discussion.

Ryan says the biggest advantage Social Media has is the fact it gives everyone an equal voice. It used to be only big time brands and marketing companies who were able to get their word out. Now, anybody no matter how big or small has a chance to get their message heard.

Shewchuk says his favorite part about Social Media is he is in control of his own brand. He likes to be in control of how he is perceived on Social Media and likes to get his creativity out. His posts consist of funny things, pretty pictures and an outlet to get himself out to the world.

One thing Ryan doesn’t like about Social Media is it opens the world up to online bullying. Having kids himself, he is concerned of what his children might encounter online.

To follow Ryan on Social Media, simply find “Shewcuk” as he uses it for all of his handles.


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