How Music Artists Use Social Media – Anuda

on 12/2014 |

The Social Media Show recently caught up with music artist Anuda to talk about his upcoming music project “The Lion and The Lamb” and how he uses Social Media as a music artist.

Anuda says himself and producer John “G” took his latest album “back to the basics” and took his artistry to a new level. He says he wanted to tell a story a show his perspective growing up in Las Vegas.

When it came to the topic of Social Media, Anuda says whether you like it or not, it is a very important to your career as a music artist. He says Social Media is an artists direct avenue to the people making it possible to connect with fans like never before. Anuda says he loves the fact he can communicate with his fans on a daily basis and they can see his growth throughout his musical career.

His favorite part about Social Media is the ability to inspire or be inspired at all times. He loves seeing the honesty people portray and says it takes a lot of courage to pour one’s heart out to the world online. When it came to his least favorite part, Anuda says he does not like the way Social Media is being utilized by big business. He says it is meant for the people and shouldn’t be used to manipulate or control simply for corporate gain.

Anuda says he plans to release “The Lion and The Lamb” in the month of January 2015.


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