How Literacy Advocates Use Social Media – Karl “KC” Christon

on 12/2014 |

The Social Media Show recently interviewed Karl “KC” Christon who is the author of the “Hangin’ With Kasey” children’s book series. Currently, the series has three books out with another one in the works. In addition to being an author, KC is a literacy advocate in the city of Las Vegas.¬† He is also the creator of the soon to be TV show “Hangin’ With Kasey” which will help promote reading amongst the youth. He wants kids to read for the enjoyment of it not because they feel like they have to.

KC was inspired to start writing children’s books when he started to study academic statistics across the country. The results proved to be rather low which¬† made him reflect back to when he was in school. KC admits he wasn’t the strongest of readers growing up so he understands what children are going through who struggle to read. He says he’s here to help.

Christon says his primary goal is to make people understand why this issue is so important. Reading is one of the primary ways we get our information and if you aren’t an avid reader, KC says that can have an impact on the decisions you will make in your life. It can have a huge effect on the quality and longevity of your life depending on how serious you take it.

When it came to the topic of Social Media, KC says it plays a major role. He makes the analogy that being on Social Media is the equivalent to being in the yellow pages in the 80’s. In order for your business to thrive today, especially online, you have got to have a large Social Media presence. KC says his favorite part about Social Media is the accessibility. He is able to connect with his friends from all across the country and stay in touch. When it came to what he didn’t like, KC says people can post a little too much saying “I really don’t care what you had for breakfast” unless there is a useful reason to why someone would post that.

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