How Communication Specialists Use Social Media

on 12/2014 |

Communication specialist Nina Tomaro recently sat down with The Social Media Show to discuss how she uses social media in her business and personal life. Nina begins by stating she is “one of the most empathetic people you will ever meet” and is greatly inspired to change the world.

Nina is a communications coach who prefers the word “ninja” over “consultant” when describing herself in the communications field. Nina says this is due to her ability to “stealth mode” come into a business and analyze it’s internal communications, social media and values to see what it’s all about. From here, Nina crafts a message either for a business’s employees or customers depending on whether or she’s been hired for internal or external communications.

In addition, Nina is also a speaker ranging from topics of communication, public speaking and most recently start up companies. Nina has had experience with 9 different start ups in the past three years.

The conversation then switches to the topic of Social Media where Nina says she gets brought in by companies to run their campaigns a lot of the time. Nina says she loves how Social Media can put brands no matter how big or small on the same playing field as a gigantic brand such as Pepsi or Coca-Cola. Not only can she help a company craft their message, but she can also help them get the message out via the social media channels. Nina says she also likes where the analytical side is going in the Social Media industry because now we are able to see who we are talking to which makes for valuable data to a business or brand.

Nina also points out that Social Media is bringing back the “human factor” in business. To explain, she says customers want to feel like they are dealing with a real people. By having a real person on the social media channels talking and interacting, people are naturally going to be more enticed by the brand.

As far as using Social Media personally, Nina uses Social Media in a variety of ways. She uses it to get news updates, chats with friends and family and loves to take polls on her social media networks to get the opinion of others on particular topics.

Nina says her favorite part about Social Media is giving the “little guy” a chance to be heard. We have an amazing ability to connect around the world like never before and she loves hearing stories of people getting their message to go “viral” through Social Media.

When it came to finding out what Nina didn’t like about Social Media, she says it takes away from our real life experiences. Nina gives an example of being on vacation at the beach with a beautiful view of the ocean.  The people next to her were preoccupied on their phones with Social Media and not enjoying being in the moment. Another observation Nina has is we as a society are being “social” on social media but are not applying it to face to face human interaction.

Nina can be found across several Social Media platforms under the name “ThisIsNinaT” and she also has a website

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