How Authors Use Social Media – Khalilah Yasmin

on 12/2014 |

Author Khalilah Yasmin was recently interviewed by The Social Media Show to talk about her latest book, “Sublimation.” She describes it as a poetry book filled with comedy, art and suggestive themes making it suitable for mature audiences. It’s also filled with a lot of perspective pieces as well meant to entertain, educate and inspire the reader.

Khalilah says if it wasn’t for Social Media she doesn’t know if she would of been able to put out her book at all. She found the graphic designer to do her book cover on Social Media which was a huge part of the process according to Yasmin.

Khalilah says Social Media gives authors and creatives alike a platform to their work. It’s also used as a great place to learn from one another to see what works best and what doesn’t work as well when presenting content.

The conversation then shifts to Yasmin’s favorite part about Social Media. She says it’s connecting with like minds and discovering people who are similar to you who you may get to collaborate with. When it came to her least favorite part, Khalilah says she doesn’t like the sense of “entitlement” people can get on Social Media. Just because she is accessible, doesn’t mean you get access she says.

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